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Having Faith


Faith is a complete trust or confidence in someone or in something. In Mark 10:46-52 there was a man called Bartimaeus in the city of Jericho who was a beggar. On hearing of Jesus passing, Bartimaeus cried out to Him for mercy. The crowd tried to silence him, but he persisted for Jesus attention to receive his healing. I am sure Bartimaeus had enough with the situation in his life and needed a breakthrough, but he did not know what to do. Therefore on hearing about Jesus; he expresses his faith in Him for his healing. We should not allow problems in life to control us. Problems can only control us when we have no hope or faith in anything. Jesus mention in Mark 11:23 to speak to mountain in faith without doubting and it shall obey. The mountain Jesus is talking about, are problems we face in life. He encourages us not to dwell and think that there’s no answer to the problem but rather, we should command that impossible problem to be moved around for our good. In Mathew 8:5-13, Jesus went to a town called Capernaum. There was a Roman centurion in that town who had a servant that was very sick and about to die. He asked Jesus for the healing of his servant by asking Jesus to only speak the Word, and his servant shall be healed. The servant was healed at that very moment: Jesus was marvelled at the centurions’ great faith he had in Him. The faith of the centurion brought back to life a soul that nearly died. Having a positive, believing attitude in God can turn things around for our good in life. We should read the Word of God, believe, speak and say what we want into existence according to Romans 4:17.  Be blessed.


Scriptures for reading

Mathew 8:5-13

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Mathew 15:28

Mathew 21:21  

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,James 17-26,

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